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      There is just something about a bike that nabs your attention, causes you to sit a bit taller, and makes your heart flutter a little faster. Maybe it’s the memory of your first taste of independence or the courage and strength riding inspires. Perhaps it’s the promise of adventure, exploring the world around you, and the challenge to take risks and try new things. Or, your love for bikes might come from the love shared on a ride with the family to get ice cream on a warm, summer evening or the belly laughs shared with friends on a ride in the woods. Likely, it is all of the above - and you might not even know it. You just know you want to get out and ride. 

      But, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Aside from hustling at work, the laundry is piling up, and oh so many texts to reply to. Not to mention the hours spent recovering passwords and scheduling Zoom calls. When you do have a moment you get lost in the vortex of social media or sucked into the news cycle. On the weekends, getting the family or yourself ready for a ride just sounds exhausting. Life is busy, but deep down, you know it is meant to be LIVED. We get it. DirtBags BikeGear is run by humans with families and groceries to buy and appointments to schedule. There are so many things that demand our attention!

      At DirtBags BikeGear, we believe that getting out is always worth it. Whether is it a quick ride around the block with the kids or an elaborate multi-day adventure - the fresh air, movement, and heart-pumping ignites something deep in our soul and makes us feel alive! Even if for a moment, the clammer and stress are silenced, and we feel connected - to nature, to those with us, to ourselves, to this big, wide pulsing world. This is why we love to ride and why we made our bags - to make it easier and faster for YOU to get out.

      Whatever you need to carry, we’ve got a bag for that. Once they are strapped on to your bike, they stay there and keep your stuff organized and ready to roll. No need to lug a huge backpack. Let your bike do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is show up. 

      A place to throw your jacket✔

      Plenty of water✔

      Extra snacks for the kids✔

      (better yet) A place for your kids to carry THEIR OWN water and snacks✔

      Tools and cell phone✔

      Those weird goo packs✔

      Headphones, headlights, headbands✔

      Here’s the plan. Decide to get out. Pick some bags to help you do that. Customize them to be the exact colors that match your bike or personality. Let your family do the same. Strap the bags to the bikes, throw in everything you need, and get out there and let your true colors shine! Because life shouldn’t feel stagnant. You have flowers to smell, puddles to ride through, a soul to revive, and a beautiful, mysterious world to explore - even if it’s just down the block. 

      Enjoy the ride. We’ll see you out there.