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      DirtBags was born in August of 2015 on a husband/wife bikepacking trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota. In preparation for the trip, Heath dug out the old sewing machine and began excitedly creating bags to haul all the necessities of their adventure, while Emily remained skeptical of both the bags and the “fun” trip in store.

      As fate would have it, they were on to something big. In the evenings after an exhausting day of biking, Heath and Emily discussed the importance of not just bike-packing and communing in nature, but the dream for our culture to slow down, take a breath, and get back to the simplicity of true happiness and intentional living. Compared to the racing mentality with which they were familiar, where every ounce and little detail had to be perfect, bikepacking took a more laid-back approach. They found this brought profound satisfaction.

      So Heath and Emily decided to sell their high-quality, handmade gear to support others in their adventures, while simultaneously promoting an approach to outdoor sports that leaves enthusiasts feeling more whole, connected, and inspired in their everyday lives.

      DirtBags’ dream is to make bikepacking and immersion in nature not just available to the hardcore athlete, but to anyone looking for solace and the chance to get to know themselves better. Not only do we want more people to discover bikepacking, but to enrich lives and communities by recognizing the potential of the human spirit.

      DirtBags is a company inspired by what we discover in ourselves in the outdoors. We make quality gear to help support those experiences for a lifetime. Our company is built on trusting and embracing creativity, flow, and the entire outdoor community. We make more than just gear; we make gear that supports a revolutionary lifestyle.